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Vince is sold on the Metabolic Cooking program. He is a Floridian, and not only believes in the technique of eating metabolic “thermo-charged” foods, but also adds his own unique spin on this diet. So, he adds 7 of his own Tips on how to implement this program, and adds his own review of the Cookbook.

Here is a list of what Vince recommends in review, to implement metabolic cooking:

  1. Put varied protein into every single meal
  2. Cook with healthy fats
  3. Incorporate spices into your diet
  4. Stop cooking with known bad items (margarine, vegetable oil, white flour, brown sugar)
  5. Create your own metabolic salad dressing
  6. Prepare your own fat-torching seasonings
  7. Eat more “Thermo-Charged” Vegetables

But how, for instance, can one put protein into every single meal? He recommends mixing protein sources up, varying food from chicken to :

  • egg whites
  • protein powder
  • ground turkey
  • lean beef
  • whole eggs
  • salmon
  • fish
  • tuna

He agrees that protein has special fat-burning powers. Like Derek, Vince has a few of his own tweaks, but uses Metabolic Cooking as a basic program.

Check into the Thermogenic Meals Vince Describes CLICK HERE.



Vince’s Cooking Experience – Some Good Tips — 2 Comments

  1. Cooking with spices is not only healthier, but much tastier. Myself, I try to use fresh herbs rather than dried, so that I can receive the maximum benefits. It may not be an option for everyone, but growing your own herbs in the yard, or even just in a couple of small pots by the window, can add much more flavor to your cooking and save a ton of money. Any trip to the grocery store will show you that dried herbs aren’t cheap, so there’s no reason to spend more money for less flavor

  2. Looking good Vince! I love ginger, and it’s good to know that it’s one of the turbo charged foods. I haven’t bough the cookbook (yet), but this video is very encouraging. I’m not really good with diets, but adding spices into my food to jump start my metabolism sounds like something I can definitely handle.

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