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The Complete Thermogenic Cooking Package

The Complete Thermogenic Cooking Package – Courtesy Dave Ruel and Karine Losier

I purchased the Metabolic Cooking set, and was impressed with the amount of information provided by the authors, Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. In addition, 9 bonus cooking videos are included, along with two other additional bonus guides. This package provides the complete 9 book set “Metabolic Cooking,” with over 250 recipes, each recipe  intended to promote a thermogenic, or fat loss burning effect, in addition to the Fat Loss Optimizer Guide, a valuable introduction to the fat loss approach of the authors. It may be useful to state here the philosophy behind Metabolic Cooking:


What I Like about This Cookbook

Basically, I like the entire approach. Dave and Karine are onto something here. I really appreciate the Fat Loss Optimizer Guide, and the many helpful tips provided in this book. Also, I really like the Breakfast Cookbook and the Vegetarian Cookbook. Additionally, for all the recipes, I appreciate the attractive layout of these Cookbooks, and the ability to see the protein, fat, carbohydrate, and calorie count for each recipe easily comprehended. When I compare the recipes in Metabolic Cooking with some of the recipes found at, I typically get more nutrition information and a more explicit recipe with Dave and Karine’s cookbooks. 

I also like getting free workout and bodybuilding advice from Dave Ruel, an acknowledged expert in this field. 

What I Don’t Like

I don’t agree with all the meal recommendations. Also, some people, myself included,  will not eat red meat or chicken ( see the book by John Robbins, “Diet for a New America,” a classic) so several of the Cookbooks are of no use for me. I do have a serious nit with the Supplements Optimizer Guide, and the blanket recommendation to basically forego most supplements. For most, it has now been well established that supplemental Vitamin D3 is beneficial, and that unless Vitamin D3 is taken as a supplement, circulating Vitamin D3 blood levels will be inadequate. See the extensive discussion on this topic at the Life Extension website. Although a good Omega-3 fatty acid supplement is recommended in the Supplements Optimizer Manual, as well as an excellent protein powder, what about Vitamin C? Where is there any mention of Vitamin E? As always, no one individual has a complete answer to what is an optimum nutrition and food intake.

What You Get with the Cookbook

The product set includes:

  • Cooking 9-Cookbook Set
  • Fat Loss Optimizer Guide
  • Supplements Optimizer Guide
  • Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide
  • Metabolicious Calorie Free Dressings
  • Metabolic Salad Builder
  • Quick Sheets

The 9-Cookbook Set has guides in the areas of:

  • Breakfast
  • Chicken & Poultry
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Smoothies
  • Pork
  • Red Meat
  • Sides
  • Snacks
  • Vegetarian

The bonuses are:

  • Metabolism Mastery Files
  • Restaurant Revenge
  • Cooking Videos

A printable daily food log with an easy conversion chart is provided. Also included is a Fat Loss Optimizer  which presents the principles behind the program. This manual includes the ’10 rules of metabolic cooking,’ and money-saving/time-saving tips.120x120-1

For my own needs (I am currently about 20 pounds overweight), I wanted to start with a 5 pound weight loss goal, and found many useful options in the 9-Cookbook set, which appealed to me. Since I am a semi-vegetarian, the Vegetarian Guide provided several easy recipes. The “Pepper Quiche” and “Egg Salad Sandwich” recipes were very enticing.  In all, 14 Vegetarian recipes are provided. Not neglected, however, is the Red Meat Guide, which has 20 recipes in all.

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One thing also available from the cookbooks are an abundance of herbs and seasonings. If you want to use more herbs and spices in your cooking, you’re going to get a good healthy dose of such spices as curry, thyme, cinnamon, and coriander.  Sure enough, Dave and Karine include these seasonings in nearly all their recipes.

A lot of thought has gone into the creation of these Cookbooks. They are easy to follow, nicely presented and packed with useful content. I also like the ability to take a recipe found in the cookbook’s index, and click on a hypertext link to the recipe itself. Easy! many of the recipes have the results displayed in crisp color photos. The recipes are color-coded according to their Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, and Veggie content.  The Ingredients list and Directions are presented in a very clear, concise, and visually pleasing manner. Here is an example of a recipe for Apple Oatmeal Pancakes, taken from the Breakfast Guide.

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe – Courtesy Dave Ruel and Karine Losier

The Bonus material provided with the 9 Cookbooks and the Fat Loss Optimizer Guide includes several instructive videos. For example, here is a scene from one of the bonus cooking videos, how to create “Noodleless Shrimp Pad Thai.”


Noodle-less Shrimp Pad Thai - Courtesy Karine Losier and Dave Ruel

Noodle-less Shrimp Pad Thai – Courtesy Karine Losier and Dave Ruel


The Metabolic Cookbook presents the nutritional value of foods in the context of “Metabolic Thermo-Charge.” This term is defined as “The metabolic powers certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat.” It is a way of rating foods, based on “how many calories your body is going to burn just breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a certain food.”

This effect is sometimes called thermic effect of foods, or TEF. For instance, the body expends more energy to just metabolize proteins, so a high protein food would have a higher thermogenic effect. Clinical research has shown that TEF is, in fact, enhanced by aerobic endurance exercise having sufficient duration and intensity. So, there are valid scientific studies supporting this concept.

 Protein occupies a special place in this program, since it is central to the idea of eating food which has a high thermogenic effect. In fact, Dave Ruel and Karine Losier advocate eating only foods which have a minimum of 15 g protein in any given recipe.

This approach offers an alternative to the boring, mundane way of cooking usually utilized for weight loss. With 9 Cookbooks in all, and over 250 recipes, much variety has been built in to this program. This is one of the main selling points of this cooking program, the variety of recipes found in the 9 Cookbooks.

Also, with many thousands of other purchases, you are not going to undergo this type of diet as a research subject, or guinea pig. You are not alone in your weight loss endeavor!

You don’t have to take my opinion on this program. Check out Travis testimonial, and Vince’s for some other reviews.

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  1. Also check out the book “Ultra-Metabolism” by Mark Hyman, MD. Many of the core principles in Metabolic Cooking are discussed in this book. Chapter 16 of his book has an entire section devoted to “Food as Medicine.”

  2. Huh. That recipe for apple oatmeal pancakes looked really interesting, but I’m unable to enlarge it to read it. All the food that I’ve seen mentioned on the site sounds delicious so far – I’m definitely considering buying the set! It sounds like an awesome cookbook if nothing else, with the huge added benefit of being the best tasting diet ever.

  3. This looks like a great set. I love to cook, and am always looking for new ways to get creative in my kitchen. I’m also looking to stay healthy, while still eating well. Aside from a few of my guilty pleasures (like ice cream, lol) I usually find that the better food is for me, the better it tastes! Maybe I’m just gifted with a well tuned tongue, but I think that the metabolic cooking guide will be just what I want to eat.

  4. For Sue Pi, try the Apple Oatmeal Pancakes recipe again. I can read it fairly easily. What a delicious recipe !

  5. With 250 recipes, I’m sure that will make for an interesting menu. Thinking of it, I don’t think I even use 250 recipes in my total diet right now. It would be good to change things up a bit.

  6. I think the most interesting part of the set is the thermocharged seasonings guide. I can see myself using that more than anything else. It seems like a really small adjustment I can make to my food, that will have a big impact.

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