Derek’s Review of The Cookbook – His Real Experience


Cookbook Review – a User Testimonial

Derek is a fan of this cooking approach. In a review of the cookbook series, he delves into the Breakfast Cookbook. He likes the program because it’s filled with great, healthy meals that use good ingredients, with quick, easy, and tasty recipes. He essentially likes the entire approach. In particular, he has some good comments on the Fat Loss Optimizer guide, which he feels has great tips, a unique “10 Rules of Metabolic Cooking,” and a well written review on how to use foods to increase your basal metabolic rate, and thus lose weight. Derek also comments on certain types of foods that can speed up your metabolic rate, called out in this program.

Breakfast and Smoothies Cookbooks are a Big Favorite

For the recipes, he emphasizes in particular the Breakfast and Smoothies Cookbooks.  He finds the entire visual layout appealing, as well as having a good index and being well organized. Derek tried a handful of these recipes, and he does like them. He would make a few tweaks to some of the recipes. However, nowhere else is there a product which is up to par with this series. Shown below is the Creamy Peach Oatmeal dish from the Breakfast Guide.

Creamy Peach Oatmeal from the Breakfast Guide

Creamy Peach Oatmeal from the Breakfast Guide

Summing up his cookbook review, this is his ‘Number One’ recommended cookbook for those wanting to eat healthy, and the cookbooks provide recipes for just about every kind of meal one would want. Like Travis, Derek has a good recommendation for the program.

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Derek’s Review of The Cookbook – His Real Experience — 5 Comments

  1. This is the first I’ve seen of the metabolic cooking system, and I must admit that the creamy peach oatmeal is looking quite tasty right now! Still, I’d love to know more about the system in general. I can see it’s full of good food, but how exactly does it help me with my metabolism?

    • I just bought the cookbook and I really do have to say that that oatmeal is absolutely just as delicious as it looks 🙂 It was the first thing I made, and it made a really good first impression. It’s all much better because it’s good for me, but it was worth the entire price and then some.

  2. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day… unfortunately it’s also the most difficult one for me to get down. I’m really not a morning person in any way shape or form, and getting it together enough to get food in my mouth, let alone actually cook something, is way too much more me to handle. Hopefully your smoothie section has some good stuff in it for me!

  3. What is it about the oatmeal that is so good for you? I’ve recently been alerted by my doctor that I should really start watching my diet and paying attention to my heart, and I’ve heard oatmeal is good for that.

  4. I’m a big fan of smoothies! I just recently brought in a few gallons of blueberries from my yard and put them into the freezer. I throw a couple of handfuls and a cup of yogurt into my blender, and I have a quick, tasty smoothie in minutes.

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