A Sampling of the Thermogenic Cooking Package


The accompanying video provides a nice summary of the contents of the Metabolic Cooking package. In the video, a representative Blueberry Protein Pancake recipe is reviewed. The video is provided by Jonathan Dunsky – Founder and Author of WorldofDiets.com.

You can get a good feel for the quality of the 250+ recipes by watching this video.


Also, from www.worldofdiets.com, a video giving a sampling of three typical recipes is provided. These three representative recipes from the cooking package are:

1. Blueberry Protein Pancakes
2. Metabolic “Fried” Chicken Fingers
3. Turkey Chili


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A Sampling of the Thermogenic Cooking Package — 1 Comment

  1. These recipes sound really good, but I think I’m going to have to take a taste test to see if they’re really something I’d switch fully to. And on that subject, is the metabolic cooking system something that I’d have to do constantly to lose weight, or would I still be able to eat at restaurants from time to time?

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